Mouse Fart SRS airbrake piston head

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-Use proper lubricant before every assembly on O rings for silence and stabil sealing

-For testing efficiency shoot it with heavy bb, set hopup, quality supressor & outside

-Reduces impact of the piston, noise signature, vibration of the rifle and wear of parts.

-Improved sealing section ensure optimal function with less frequent cleaning and lubrication & cold weather.

-CNC 6063 aluminium made head

-CNC POM made brake ver.2 up to ~3.8J depending on setup

-Compatible with all Silverback PULL bolt pistons, include early 2016 light & standard pistons, 2018 stock & VMP pistons, Faceless Creepy pistons.


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Weight 10 g

4 reviews for Mouse Fart SRS airbrake piston head

  1. Chambrial

    A awesome with the Heavy Weight piston of FS

  2. glen

    best single upgrade you can buy, very easy to fit, gains a better seal than stock one.

  3. J (verified owner)

    Better seal than stock. Definitively more silent, deeply recommended!

  4. Martin (verified owner)

    Verry good head,super seal and sound is too good

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