100% chamber seal for SRS & HTI

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-suitable ONLY for SRS and HTI rifles

-lips fit to the CNC chamber, provide perfect seal around the nozzle.

-no need of any tape or other addition to achive sealing (can be added but not required)

-external and internal dimensions changed to fit perfectly in both standard and F.A.S.T. chambers

-flat inside to make it R-hop ready (and required)

-fits all inner barrels except Promy/Laylax

-increased hardness to expand pressure on the whole R-hop


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Weight 5 g

6 reviews for 100% chamber seal for SRS & HTI

  1. Chambrial (verified owner)

    Wonderfull with FS RHop

  2. Florian Anke (verified owner)

    Works great with the Faceless rhops!

  3. Martin, UK (verified owner)

    100 percent air seal. Easy to fit. Used with the PDI R hop and FOW nub for the best ever results. Happy days 🙂

  4. Bruno Caeiro (verified owner)

    Great produt for upgrade your srs

  5. Antti (verified owner)

    Great product! Airseal is literally 100%. After installing there’s only max. 0,02J variance between shots.

  6. James Perring (verified owner)

    Great initially but using a faceless barrel and drop in r hop on a stock SRS cylinder and nozzle married with the FAST hop the lips chewed up in under 200 shots and it jammed. Quick snip with scissors sorted it and it maintained perfect air seal but less than ideal

    • S Geri

      Incorrect assembly or double feed can cause damages on the bucking lips, this is why 101% made to be more durable.

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