V.R.A.G.2. adjustable SRS spring guide


-same function as previous version

-lighter materials used ~55% weight reduction

-CNC aluminium core and base plate

-CNC POM sleeve

-F9-20M bearing

-adjustable thickness without increased friction

-compatible with SRS rifles, all Silverback, Faceless pistons

-compatible with APS2 power up rings

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If you follow me for long enough, even before Faceless, you know that the first part I made for the SRS was the spring guide with integrated bearing. It was low searies, not even close to the quality I’m capable of now, but it was a first step.

Regarding guides it’s difficult to do anything progressive, but there is one thing that can be improved a lot, and that is noise output.

The three main noises a spring sniper can produce with their solutions are:
-muzzle pop –> a good suppressor
-piston impact –> a well working airbrake
-spring “twang” —> spring gide shimming.

So the big piece of the rifle noise output is the spring after impact, vibrating on the guide and in the piston. The reason for this is, the springs are not as precisely manufactured than the rest of the parts. A 9x13mm APS2 spring can be easy 9.5×12.7mm, that let’s room for the spring to vibrate.

A good DIY solution is shimming the guide with thin plastic or metal sheet around until the spring fits tight. It’s well proven, working solution, but quite tricky to do right, if you apply too much it causes ecces friction, is not enough the noise will remain the same.

For a while now, I’m tring to figure out a way to make the thickness adjustable to any spring the user chooses.

Seems like it’s finished.
Let me present you the Vibration Reducing Adjustable Guide or V.R.A.G.

This guide you see have a hard rubberish tube at the end, by tightening the nut at the end you can increase the diameter enough to fit right in your spring. While it’s enough to reduce the vibration, (in most cases completly cancel) it does not increase the friction. Unless overtightened, but it’s easy to reduce pressure if it’s necesary by loosen the nut.

As you see there are other changes as well.
The bering remained obviously, it would be a huge stepback to leave that off. F9-20M type if you want to change or upgrade it.

Also the side walls of the guide around the bearing completly left off, honestly those are mainly pointless, until the bearing and base height remains the same. It’s just a change to ease manufacturing process.

The last thing is an O ring inserted at the bottom, that is the same size as what you can find on your external barrel around the chamber, so you don’t need to look for other sizes. It is there also to reduce the vibration toward the buttpad.

Check out this quick assembly and setting video:

Q: Do I NEED this to shoot the best possible way?
A: Deffinetly not, it is just a final step to create the most silent rifle possible avoiding any “mods” from the user.

Q: Does it works with all springs?
A: Yes, but it’s efficiency highly depends on the springs, i.e. it works great with Guarder M150 and Silverback M170, but less effective on Silverback M120.

Q: Is it compatible with …?
A: It is cross compatible with all Silverback and Faceless products, don’t know and dont’t care about the rest 🙂

Q: Are you a cat or dog person?
A: Deffinetly lizard…

Q: How I make sure it’s adjusted just the way it should be?
A: You can measure diameter, but the best is try and test. As you see on the assembly video you look for the tightness when spring does not fall off, but easy moves on the guide.

Q: Won’t that rubber ring wear of by the spring?
A: The prototype seen a ~3000 cycle testing period, it did not wear, just got dirty. If you still manage to wear it out by the time, snap me a message and I will sort one out to you.

Q: Does this affects the fps level/stabiltity?
A: No, if you set it up right, at least not on a measureable level.

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