Mouse fart CUP SRS & Tac41 airbrake


-One piece rubber made piston head

-Plug’n’play, no tools required

-New cup sealing design to counter any tolerance issue of cylinder without increased friction

-Flexible rubber airbrake, prevents any and damage of the brake regardles of nozzle tightness or excentricity

-Use proper lubricant before every assembly on piston head and inside cylinder

-Suggested lubricant it thin silicone oil or dry PTFE

-For testing efficiency shoot it with heavy bb, set hopup, quality supressor & outside

-Reduces impact of the piston, noise signature, vibration of the rifle and wear of parts.

-Compatible with all Silverback PULL bolt pistons after 2018. Stock & VMP pistons, both red, blue & black versions. Also fits push version with cupseal installed.

-This product is made for the ultimate user convinience and the lowest possible need of maintenance. If you looking for the best possible performance please consider Mousefart 1.4 version.

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This cupseal made for those who find difficult to dissasemble the threadlocked piston heads and those who prefer cup type sealing instead of O ring type.
This new type of cup has an O ring like contact surface around it’s edge, instead of a flat rubber set in an angle to fit inside the cylinder. This let the piston head seal without increased friction in the cylinder regardless it’s tolerances.
The airbrake is integrated into the cup, made of the same flexible rubber, it flexible and bends to fit in the nozzle just right.
The suggested lubricant is thin silicone oil or dry ptfe. Since it’s stored without lubricant it may takes a few shots to get the right sealing and performance, expanding the edges outside with lubricant (like with the original Silverback cup seal) helps the process.
Take a look at the installation video:

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